What is RotorMatch?

Thanks to our community of organizers, RotorMatch hosts Drone Racing events. We created the perfect platform to connect the key drone actors around our common passion!

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A platform dedicated to Drone Racing

From the community racing to pro events, we provide a solution for organizers to run drone races, and give droners a great experience while participating.

A drone racing management software

With FAI drone race format, participant management functionalities and live results modules, we provide a professional-ready solution for drone racing organizers to create, manage and share their events!

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Many events across the world

With thousands of pilots, and hundreds of tournaments set up by all organizers across the world, droners always have a drone racing event to join and enjoy great moments around the same passion.

A team of expert of drone racing

We are passionate droners and event organizers. Since 2016 we have been working in the drone racing sector as event organizers.

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An expert team to organize your event

More than a platform, RotorMatch can organize and manage your entire event. We put all our know-how in the success of your drone race.

Offer an unforgettable experience

We can also provide initiation workshops to your customers, colleagues or students. Everybody can learn how to fly a drone with safety.

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