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A professional-ready solution for drone racing organizers to create, manage and share their competitions online.

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RotorMatch is a drone racing platform, and a team who have organized and helped to manage many events

Since 2016 we have actively participated in the development and improvement of drone racing by bringing our expertise in software development and event organization.

  • Web based solution, internet is required.
  • We improve features regularly.
  • Easy to use, and minimum installation.
  • Mobile friendly for droners.
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Rent the equipment adapted to your needs

To organize drone races, the organizers must buy increasingly expensive equipment, which is often only used for one event per year.

That's why we can only rent you the necessary items, such as the timing system, VTX and DVR, to get the video on your PC and stream it easily.

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Software features

We develop powerfull features to make your event more easy to manage.

Registrations & attendees

Manage the participant settings like the maximum pilot, registration period and price. You can also add paid options.

Realtime race results

Follow race results in realtime on all our web app. Your attendees can access their results on many device like smartphone or tablet.

FAI race format & reporting

Setup your qualification stage and choose between simple or double elimination bracket for your official FAI event. Download the report at the end of your event.

Email campaigns

Send email campaign to which attendees you want on your event. Perfect to inform them with last minute information.

Streaming overlay

Extend your stream by adding overlay informations of your pilots, like pilots ID, laps time, laps...

Dashboards screen

Display race results, groups order & composition and pilots results just by accessing url on your web browser. No installation needed.

Timing system

Connect your favorite timing system to your event and sync your race results easily on RotorMatch.
We are compatible with:

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Our pricing

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Billing Per Month

Unlimited events

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Practice mode: Yes

Race mode: Yes

Campaign email: Yes

Support: Yes




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Billing Per Month

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FAI race format: Yes

FAI double elimination

FAI report: Yes

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Group board: Yes

Race board: Yes

Overlay information: Yes

OBS auto record: Yes

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Helpful answers

Start organizing your event fast and easily in one minute with the most powerfull web platform for custom & FAI drone racing event.

It's simple. When you sign up, you'll immediately have the feature activate from the plan you choose. You can start your event and enjoy the features.

Of course. Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel. Once you cancel, you'll continue to have access until the end of the period.

Questions? We're happy to help.

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Not sure? See what our community members are saying about us.


Organizer of Leiria World Cup FAI 2018

Outstanding service for manage your FPV race events. Very professional and serious when working, super chilled and friendly when job is done! Probably the only guys in Europe capable of providing an flawless laptime counting service that comply 100% with up-to-date FAI regulation. They did an excellent job in Leiria Drone Race World Cup - Portugal, June 2018. Super recommend! 😍 Hope to work with them very soon...

Guillaume ONA

Bourdons race

J'utilise la plateforme RotorMatch depuis deux ans car je trouve que cela simplifie grandement la gestion d'un évènement en partant de l'inscription jusqu'au classement final avec même des stats sur les différentes courses. 👍🏁


Autan Racing Trophy

J’ai décidé de faire appel à RotorMatch pour la gestion des inscriptions, le système de chronométrage et pour la gestion de course... Résultat : Des pilotes heureux d’une orga millimétrée ! 😁

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