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Connect your favorite timing system to your event and sync your race results easily on RotorMatch.
Version 1.3.1 - This app is not necessary with Delta 5 race timer
Rm link 2074a9ecc608d291ac3615302682fe582ef7680996319aa4af972ddf7e73cfea

Timing system

We are compatible with:

Ts immersionrc 5d72210f61275ca4381e60fe8c70d34cadfa1f90512af253d3d97e2cef3fe0a6
Ts delta5 9fa2311ccb9c70b8d4b3ac36a690900918eca26d39a9d066831fb8b7836759a9
Ts chorus f0ffaf5dd120072198ae63203f286d597b30809cca71abfa7c965ccb4d5f237e

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