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Kelko Suomi Cup

Finland, Kerava
27 May 2018 (1 day)


Kelko Suomi Cup 2018

This year is also the start of the race season at Kelko and 27.5. the first race of the Suomi Cup will be held. The competition is open to everyone and there is no need for licenses to participate. Starting lists are made friendly to beginners and nobody fears that they are in the feet of others.

Preliminary timetable and further refinement:

  • 9:00 Registration starts at
  • 11:00 The time runs start

The race format:

  • max. 4 pilots per heat (heat)
  • 1 round round
  • 5 time rounds
  • Double elimination finals

From time periods, 16 pilots will be fined in the finals of the Top 3 consecutive (top3 consecutive) time intervals.


  • Weight: max 1kg
  • Size: maximum cross section of motors up to 330mm
  • Battery: max 4S
  • Propellers: max 6 inches (15.2cm)
  • Radio: 2.4GHz or TBS Crossfire
  • VTX: power max 25mW

The failsafe must be set to the DROP mode or the motors stop if the control signal is interrupted.

If you miss a port or ticket, you should try again. However, so as not to bother or collide with other competitors. If you leave a port or a ticket, the lap time will be deleted.

In the elimination stage, each pilot will fly out of the goal after the exit and then the race is running. If there is a match before the gate, take the exit again. If, on the other hand, the pilot fails to fly due to a technical fault (prop on the back, not the gun, etc.) then the departure will not be renewed.

Flying pilots were judged by the next pilot. So if you're in heat 3, you're in the readybox when heat 2 is preparing to take off. You judged for heat 2 and when they landed and went to pick up the mine, get your own ready-made box from the deck and take the mines to the base.


The timing is based on Immersion LapRF 8-way vtx timing. There is a result screen on the site and a personal result service on the net (the web address will be announced later). Time driving groups and the used video frequency are reported to the pilots before the race.

For timing operation, it is important that the video transmitter operates at the correct set frequency and power. If a video transmitter is found to be over-rated or transmits a fragment signal to other frequencies, it can not participate in the competition. A clearly undercurrent video transmitter can participate, but other image signals may interfere with their own flight.

There are receivers for connection to the glasses 3.5mm 4pin connector with sound. The frequencies to be used will be announced later.

There are a few points for downloading the batteries, and there are a few tables in the store. It is worth taking your own tables and chairs.

Participation fee 15 € and members of FPV Finland ry and Kelko 10 €.
Payment on-site cash (flat rate), MobilePay or Transfer.

The competitor must have valid liability insurance.


Finland Cup rules, race format and point situations can be found at the Finnish Aviation Association's website.

Parking pilots next to the field and watching the future are asked to park in the adjacent official parking area.


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May 25, 2018


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