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Ninja Blitz 2018

Finland, Akaa
11 August 2018 (1 day)


Ninja Blitz 2018!

Finnish Cup Championship 11.08.2018

Drone Racing Finland Cup 2018 will continue on Saturday 11.08.18 at the Luijoki Field in Toijala. This is the 4th Cup Contest and the Cup Final. The competition is organized in cooperation with Finnish Aviation Association and FPV Finland Ry. It is open to everyone and no license is required for participation.


The games will be held on Saturday 11.08.2018
Below the schedule of the games:

  • 09: 00-11: 00 freestyle
  • 11:30 AM fpv racing registration begins
  • 12:00 Time runs start
  • 18:00 expected end of the competition, division of prizes
  • 18: 00-18: 30 track demolition (I wish you a good attendance and a talker at everyone)
  • 19: 00-20: 00 Beer lift challenge
  • 20:00 - EndParty

Participation fee

The following registration forms are to be used for registration:


FPV racing Finland Cup 4th race:

Registration is possible until August 23, 2018 at 23:59.

Participation fee is 15 €, FPV Finland 10 €.
Competitors must have valid liability insurance.

Location and racecourse

Freestyle is held at Toijala in Rauhanummi Park:
Kurkelantie, 37800 Aka

FPV Racing is held in Toijala on Luhtaniity field:
Luhtaniityntie 6, 37800 Aka

There is a 5-minute drive between Freestyle and FPV

The batteries have their own charging point and the dressers have a lacing area in front of which is a protective net. The race site is an aggregate. It is best to avoid unnecessary battery charging so that you do not squat an aggregate during the race. It is worthwhile to bring your own tables and chairs.
The track is published in velocidron and found in the search: Ninja + Blitz + 11.8.2018


In the Freestyle race, the Finnish Cup's equipment constraints are respected, however, the battery capacity is free. The VTX frequency is F3 (5780MHz).

Beerlift Challenge raises as many beer bottles as possible. Beer bottles must be in air 10sec. Furniture restrictions are the same as in the Finnish Cup, but the battery capacity is free.

FPV racing Finland Cup competition

Where applicable, the F3U rules published by the FAI are respected with national derogations. Finland Cup rules, race format and point situations can be found at the Finnish Aviation Association's website.

race format:

  • max. 4 pilots per output (heat)
  • 1 exercise round (round)
  • 5 time rounds
  • Double elimination finals

From time periods, 16 pilots will be fined in the finals of the Top 3 consecutive (top3 consecutive) time intervals.


  • Weight: max 1kg
  • Size: Motor cross-section max 330mm
  • Battery: max 4S
  • Propellers: max 6 inches (15.2cm)
  • Radio: 2.4GHz or TBS Crossfire
  • VTX: power max 25mW

The failsafe must be set to DROP mode or the motors stop if the control signal is interrupted.



Nearby accommodation facilities:

In addition, there is a possibility to stay in the tent.

Meals and evening meals

There is a picnic place where you can have coffee, refreshments and sausages. There is no toilet in the area.

After the Beer lift Challengen, Finland Cup final party will be held on the ground.


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Aug 08, 2018


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