Organize your event on the most advanced online platform around!
A professional-ready solution for drone racing organizers to create, manage and share their competitions online.
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Designed for Drone Racing

Would it be an official or unofficial race, your event is fully manageable on RotorMatch with specific features, such as participant management, timing system integration, live time scoring etc.

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e.g. Leiria World Cup FAI 2018 bracket

FAI Compliant

Single bracket, second chance, additionnal point, FAI system... Pick the right race format, combine it with our qualifications system and create your own event. Up to 8 droners per group.

All-encompassing participant management

No need for spreadsheets anymore, open your free or paid registrations, all the process is streamlined on the platform, and all participants can easily register in a single click.

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Compatible with many timing system

Our software is compatible with the two most popular timing system on the market. All of this systems are RSSI based and easy to install & use.

Live time results

Display all race results in live time for droners, streaming overlays, website and anything else you can envision!

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Stream & VOD Integration

Associate your livestreams (Youtube, Facebook, Twitch...) and video overlays to your event and races to improve your viewer's experience!

Follow race results from anywhere

A specific mobile version of our platform, was developed to make life easier for droners who want to watch their race results. Fully compatible with iOS and Android, no installation is needed.

Go on and enjoy it!

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Get support from savvy team

Ask directly your questions to our shrewd staff (3+ years of drone racing event experience!).

Trusted by

“Outstanding service for manage your FPV race events. Very professional and serious when working, super chilled and friendly when job is done! Probably the only guys in Europe capable of providing an flawless laptime counting service that comply 100% with up-to-date FAI regulation. They did an excellent job in Leiria Drone Race World Cup - Portugal, June 2018. Super recommend! 😍 Hope to work with them very soon...“
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Organizer of Leiria World Cup FAI 2018

Guillaume ONA Bourdons race

J'utilise la plateforme RotorMatch depuis deux ans car je trouve que cela simplifie grandement la gestion d'un évènement en partant de l'inscription jusqu'au classement final avec même des stats sur les différentes courses. 👍🏁

Robin VERGNES Autan Racing Trophy

J’ai décidé de faire appel à RotorMatch pour la gestion des inscriptions, le système de chronométrage et pour la gestion de course... Résultat : Des pilotes heureux d’une orga millimétrée ! 😁
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