Two packs before 9AM


Hey guys! I decide to train my morning flow before going to work. I tried to fly more "street" and less smoothy/juicy.
Still working with 3 aikons 30a and 1 Kiss 24a

More videos on:

Huge thanks to my sponsor: Drone FPV Racer

Bearcubs - Underwaterfall


Shrike Style 220 -
Racekraft 5051 / DAL CYCLONE T5045C - /
T-Motor f40 VII 2400kv -
Motor soft-mout TPU -
3x Aikon SEFM 30a DSHOT600
1x KISS 24a DSHOT600 -
Raceflight Revolt BF 3.1 -
TBS CROSSFIRE Micro rx v2 -
TBS Unify pro HV -
TBS Triumph -
Foxeer ARROW 2.1 lens -
Tattu 1550mah racing serie -

Taranis -
Fatshark HDV2 -
Laforge v2 - patch IRC & custom DIY 5.8ghz antenna -
GoPro Session 5


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