FPV Racing - Emax RS2205 - Are they really smooth ?


Second flight with my QAV210 and new Emax RS2205.
Sound on my xiaomi gave up.. sorry for this.

My first impressions :

Good, very good.

The packaging is really well. When you open the box, there is everything you need for 3mm arms or 4mm arms, spare nylon nuts CW CCW and an alen key.
Motors seems to be good quality building and solidity. Weight 29gr is not bad for a racer. More weight with a powerful motor could be negative effect.

I build a new 5inch frame around theese motors. I watched bench test before i can fly with my new motors.
What a good surprise to see the results. I was hurry to try them in flight.

RS2205 2300kv fly very differently than my cobra 2204 1960kv I'm used to with my 6inch setup.
Theese motors are plenty of power at low throttle and very smooth at high throttle.
I can't even compare them to my old DYS 1806 2300kv. They are not playing in the same competition.

I really love my new setup. I'm feeling like a feather.

Music : Globular - Gateways


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