Vitosha winter coat - FPV


I had a blast this winter in Sofia, Bulgaria !
Snow was beautiful, we went for a walk on Vitosha mountain, and I couldn't resist flying a few packs...
Enjoy the video !

Quite stressful flying over snow with a non-waterproof quad, but I managed not to crash !
Battery packs were not very punchy because of the -3C temperature... the camera shut down before the end of the pack and fingers froze too...
Sorry for the jello : cold weather PIDs and bad propellers didn't really help...

Speed Addict 210-R V1
Emax RS2205 / LB30A
Naze32 rev6 / BF3.2.2
Sony HS1177 / TBS Unify Pro HV
Taranis X9D / D4R-II
Fatshark Predator V2
Bonka 4S 1300mAh 95C


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