APC Propellers MultiGP Regional Qualifier Series 2018 (Madrid, Spain)


In April 15th, 28 pilots meet to enjoy of the MultiGP Regional Qualifier Series 2018 Track, weather was windy and rainy but race was delayed twice before, so we just wanted to race :blush:

Finally Carlos Gomez (@Fastuncrack) First, Diego Borrajo (@dieborr) Second, and Jaime Aragón (@Crazy_PIDS) Third, were the winners of the day. Congratulations!!!

We want to thank APC Propellers to send us their awesome durable propellers so every pilot could test it. (Visit their web and test it by yourself https://www.apcprop.com/)

and also to FPV Signal (fpvsignal.com) to send nice presents to the winners, check their last arrivals and feel confident buying them.


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