It's a draw!? Gemfan 3025 vs Gemfan 2540 Flash



GF3025 (set - 3.9 grams)

  • Very durable!
  • Good torque for heavy setups
  • Super Eff. with lots of power Cons:
  • They aren't so silent like flash if this is a problem

GF2540 (set - 4 grams)

  • sounds lighter and softer Cons:
  • In almost every fall you have to straighten the blades
  • Slower reaction in heavy setups

Frame + canopy by VMX2 -
FC+4in1: HGLRC F428 stack -
Foxeer Predator Mini -
TBS Crossfire Micro -
Sunnysky R1106 5500kv
Propellers Gemfan 3025(x2) and Gemfan 2540(x3)
Battery 3S GNB 550mah 80C

Thanks to my team X-KWAD and for the support! :wink:

Any questions contact me on


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