Long range test Micro 3" runcam split V2


900mah with only 82grams!! Video captured with Runcam Split v2
After join 2x 450mah Turnigy 65C 3S I can get more than 4 minutes on my 7500kv motors.
This beauty with crossfire and VTX 250mW is more than enough to ride more than 1km away.
This micro is ready for race, freestyle and beauty shots :stuck_out_tongue:
More info on this other video and all specs in the description:

Frame + canopy by VMX2
FC+4in1+VTX: HGLRC F428 stack - https://goo.gl/QEhSXz
Runcam Split V2 - https://goo.gl/Je13cu
TBS Crossfire Micro - https://goo.gl/7nUhfD
Emax RS1106 7500kv
Propellers Gemfan 3025
Battery Turnigy 450mah 3S 65C

Thanks to my team X-KWAD and HobbyRC.co.uk for the support! :wink:

Any questions contact me on www.facebook.com/VMX2FPV


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