Loki x1.6 Storm Hobby - Helipal


Hi, this is a short video of my loki x1.6 at the children park.
It´s the lummenier version, and it´s completely stock, except for the props. I´m using gemfan 2035 propellers cut to 1.6". I have been using the same set of props for more than a week, so if you notice some vibrations, it´s only for the reaaally bad conditions of the props.

I was really amazed with how good it flies. The srd101 it´s very fun but this loki x1.6 really feels very similar to my loki x3, and my loki x3 it´s close to a 5" in tight areas.

The SBUS rx and the brushless motors of the loki x1.6 makes it the perfect whoop, because ye, it's almost the same size of my tiny whoop, but with the props exposed.

The only upgrade I would do is replace the camera with a runcam micro. Maybe in the future I will try to fit it.

You can buy it here:

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