Loki X1.6 Storm Hobby at home


Hi, these is a video of my loki x1.6 from Storm Hobby flying at home.

First of all thank you storm hobby and helipal for your support.

Here you have a picture of it:

I used these propeller guards beacuse the shaft of these motors are only 1mm and it tends to bend. (you can bend it back, but I decided to use these propeller guards anyway)

I was planning to get some dys BE1102 motors as they have 1.5mm shaft but I will try first to screw some 1.5 hole propellers to these motors, because I feel these motors are very powerfull and the only downside is the smaller shaft.

As you can see in the picture I´m planning to attach the gemfans 2035 trimmed to 1.6 inches, as I have to screw them to the motors I think I will not have any problem with the shaft.
I will upload a video flying with the gemfans and without the propeller guards soon.
I´m planning also to made a review video of this little frame after more testing.

You can buy it here:

In this video I´m using stock propellers. (pink ones)


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