PropGames Drone Racing


The song that I used in this video was blocked so I had to upload it again with an other song.

Hi, this is a little video of the PropGames Event. FPV Madrid organised the event and it was amazing. I´m very proud to be part of the FPV Madrid club!

I was very nervous beacuse of the race, as always...
I did very well on the trainings and I finished in 1º possition in my 1º qualifying as you can see on the video.

I tried to go slow and safe to not crash, but as it happend to me on one of the trainings sessions of the Sevilla world cup, that's not a good idea. I crashed with the flag becasue I turned to the left too soon, my timing was good for my speed of the trainings but here I was flying very slow so I crashed into the flag but in the end I was lucky and I could recovered it and finish the race.

I also realized watching my DVR that I made 4 laps, overlaping one of the racers in my fourth lap, I should finished in the 3rd lap but I didnt realized it at that time and I did an other one xD, I finished in 1º posstion anyway beacuse the other 2 pilots crashed so it's ok i guess XD

Sadly I crashed on my second qualifying so I didnt get throw the quarterfinals.

There were almost 60 pilots and it was a very good expirience, now I´m looking forward to the next race, maybe in the next one my nerves are a bit better.

My new cameras are NTSC and if I turn on my fathsarks before my quad my dvr records in pal , that´s why my dvr videos is a bit wierd.

Here you have the link of the FPVMadrid youtube channel:

Thanks to Madquad (Raul) we had almost 3.000 in prizes.

Thanks also to Storm hobby for your support.

You have here my setup:
Loki S5:
-Loki S5 frame 5mm:
-Storm spear 2205 2350kv motors:
-Gemfan 51x52x3 / Racestar 5x48x3
-Aikon 30A ESC
-HGLRC 3 in 1
-X4r Sbus RX
-TBS unify pro VTX
-Infinity 1500mah 4s 90c battery

-Xiaomi Yi
-Dominator HD

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