Un sábado de carreras - CostadelsolFPV


Un sábado de carreras / freestyle / Whoops

Saturday racing / freestyle / Whoops.

Estamos en / You can find us at:
Web: www.costadelsolfpv.com
Instagram: @costadelsolfpv

Si estas interesado en drones, y tienes entre 8-120 años, ven a conocernos. Te ayudamos elegir tu primer dron y disfrutarlo.Tenemos pilotos que acaban de comprar su primer dron, hasta pilotos de carreras a nivel nacional.

If you are interested in drones and you are between 8-120 years of age, come and meet us. We will help you with buying your first drone and to enjoy it. We have pilots that have just bought their first drone, to pilots that compete on national level.

Music: Ars Sonor - Jealous and Possessive (No more)


Jealous and Possessive (No More) by Ars Sonor is licensed under a Attribution License.

"You may use this music for derivative works like videos, presentations or games as long as you give appropriate and unambiguous credit in your work, i.e. the name of the creator, the title of the material and a link to the material. "


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