Botgrinder - The Philly Corkscrew


"The Philly Corkscrew"
Botgrinder and his friends Zoroe and Cricket, decide the way to wealth and fame will be through accomplishing the impossible FPV stunt... The Philly Corkscrew!


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AirVuz -
Liftoff -
Immersion RC -

A Rotor Riot Production
Directed by - Chad Kapper
Cinematographer - Dan Maffett
Editor - Christian Kapper
Second Camera - Nick Lang

Botgrinder - DJ Doug Crasher
Panos Vassiliadis - Zoroe
Corey Tapp - Cricket
Lea Van der Tak - Girlfriend
Jolene - Dog
Tommy Polo Jr. - Cousin Tommy
Chad Kapper - Security Guard

Tom Oteri (Oldhead)
Anthony Capone
Max Fattoruso
Evan Fisher
Tommy Polo
Chris Simpson
Joe Stan

PROPHECY - Nightime Burnout & Cole Coleman
FEBREZE - Nightime Burnout
WINDEX - Nightime Burnout
ROMEO AND JULIET - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
HOW DO U WANT IT - Tupac (Remix by: Nightime Burnout)
FEATHER - Nujabes Ft. Cise Starr
DO I WANNA KNOW - The Arctic Monkeys
BLISTERS - Nightime Burnout
REPTILIA - The Strokes
LEARN TO FLY - Foo Fighters

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