Maiden : ImpulseRC Reverb with Kiss V2 (Very Windy)

Maiden : ImpulseRC Reverb with Kiss V2 (Very Windy)

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Here is my maiden with the ImpulseRC Reverb
First time since months with a KISS...

Pretty good with stock settings, need a little tuning but without all this wind !!!
Very nice frame, and the setup is sick :wink:

Reverb Frame kit:

Wolf PDB :


ESC Airbot Wraith32 :

Brotherhobby R6 2400kv motors :

Runcam Micro Swift V3 : (M12 2.1mm)

VTX TBS Unify Pro HV:

Crossfire nano RX :

TBS Crossfire Full TX :

Furious FPV TrueD video Receiver :

Antennas Old Radio Transmission :

Infos Wolf PDB :

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