Speeding Operations


Le Drib recently went to Beijing, China to work with Team Cockatoo on a high-budget short film featuring drones! Check it out...

Presenter: Xiaoke Liu
Planning: Tengfei Cui, Li Cui, Bo Li, Jing Chen
Executive Producer: Jie Liu
Producer: Weichen Yang, Zhipeng Gong
Marketing: Zhipeng Gong, Zhe Li
Advertising: Di Xiao
Production: Jie Liu
Coordinator: Hongyan Liu Yuanyuan Zhang
Driver: Zhen Chen
Pilot: Drew Camden
Script: Ben (Zinan Zhang), Wentao Ye
Director: Ben (Zinan Zhang)
Executive Director: Leesom
Production Manager: Dadi Huang
Shooting Director: Xiaomeng Wang
Aerial Photography: TCK Films Studio
Tech Support: SGLRT Studio
Post Production: Dr. Red, Fan Wang
Color Editing: Homeboy
Sponsor/Maker/Distributor: Yi Che

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-Pilot / Host-
Drew Camden [Le Drib]



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