Loki X5 Storm Racing Drone Practice


Thank you Storm Hobby and Helipal for sending me this amazing frame. You can really fell that light weight and less drag when racing.

I had a problem with the copyright of the song I chose so i uploaded it again with a different song.

Thats the frame Loki X5 (4mm):

You can also order the BNF/RTF kits, check helipal´s website.

I have to say this wasn´t my fastest run, but i like that kind of free style flight on the middle of the video , and it didn´t finish with a crash (LOL), so i decided to upload this one.

You can notice i have a lot of asolations, i have a very small amount of D on my Roll and Pitch axes due to my crazy noisy and old cobra motors, they always finish really warm, and I cant raise my D gain.

I hope I can upgrade my motors and batteries soon.

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Thats the setup i was running:

FC: Naze32 rev5 (Betaflight 2.9)
Motors: Cobra 2300kv (old ones)
Frame: Storm Loki X5
Esc: LittleBee 20A
Props: Dal 5x4.5x3 BN V2
RX: Frsky d4r-II (i already bought a sbus rx, it should arrive soon)
Battery: Multistar 1400mah 4s (so puffed, i really need new ones)
Fpv camera: Sony Super HAD CCD 650TVL HS1179
HD camera: Xaiomi Yi with lens protector
Vtx: 200mw 5.8Ghz
Powerosd PRO - QuadRevo
Fpv goggles: Fat shark Dominator HD
ImmersionRC 5.8GHz Circular Polarized SpiroNet Antennas V2


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