Storm SRD101 at the park


First of all thank you Storm hobby for sending me this amazing SRD101 to test and review.

You can order the BNF version here:

There is also available a RTF kit and the frame only.

All this footage is from the same battery, that was my second battery with this little beast.

Here is a picture of it:

I've been having some issues trying to connect it to my pc, it seems to be problem of my windows but I still wasnt able to connect it to my computer.

I manage to conect it to a linux machine, I really need to do it again to change some parameters, meanwhile here is my first video with it.

Here on spain the wether is not great, always rainning, so I will make more videos indoors soon :smiley:

My firsts impressions on this little machine are very good, it has plenty of power, much more than my tiny whoop, and thats only with 7mm motors, I cant imagine how fast it will be when I try on it the 8.5mm that I have. In addition, now with the 7mm and the 380mah battery I´m having like 6 minutes of hard flying, so thats very very impressive for me. With my tiny whoop I´m lucky when I can fly for 3 minutes.

I´m thinking about make a review video sharing my thoughts and talking about this SRD101 on my bench as I did with my Loki X3, left a comment if you would like to watch a video like that.

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