The CheaterKwad!


According to the rules of FPV, having a rear facing camera is CHEATING, apparently. So today we experiment with cheating!

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Thanks to DividingByZero FPV for inspiring us to try this!

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Products Featured in this video:
Popo Motors:
Lumenier F7 Ultimate with Camera Switching: NEED LINK
Micro FPV Cameras:
RapidFire Goggle Module:
FatShark HDO FPV goggles:

-Pilots / Hosts-
Joshua Bardwell [Knowitall]
Drew Camden [Le Drib]
Jeff Orta [VORT3X]
Alex Vanover [CaptainVanover]

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper - Executive Producer
Christian Kapper - Editor / Camera

By: Mellogem

By: Nightime Burnout

Recovery Quest
By: Vulpey


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