New Flow - [FPV Race Practice] #5


Low tilt
Bottom batterie
Hybrid frame

The feeling of pure control of the lower tilt is so different of what it feel at 70°, feel so much more in control, and for me "easier" for piloting one step ahead;
take in consideration it's based on my own expeience and feeling, u can feel and think different feel free to put your opinion in comments

Race setup use in this clip :
Proto Hybrid frame
Hobbywing g2 stacks 45a/F4
Hobbywing Race Pro 2207 2650kv
FOXEER Predator micro 1.8mm
Team BlackSheep Unify Pro Hv
Lumenier AXII
ImmersionRC Ltd. RapidFIRE Module
Fat Shark HDO
Team BlackSheep CRSF full Tx & nano Rx

#sendit #training #fpvracing #ManiaxPower #hobbywing #AzurePower #Vega #razziafpv #FOXEER #teamblacksheep #droneracing #fpvlife


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