C'Z UP - [FPV Racing] #6



Honored to be part of Vega Racing Team for my 2019 season

Vega HSX-R Luxury Edition is the BEST Racing-Frame i've ever seen in terms of Quality, Finitions, Tolerances & Design
The frame is made of the best Chamfrened & Coated Carbon Toray givin him incredible Rigidity & Flight-Characteristics, feel so sharp in the air

With his right sized 5x11mm at his narrowest point & perfect Interlocking arm the Durability was clearly taken in consideration.
There are literally NO Flex or wiggle in the frame, which makes the stack really clean without bad resonances (insane for 32k F1)

The Frame-Design offers a FULL possibilities of Customizations

  • 8 Flights Configurations Hybrid Rear / Hybrid Front / Stretch X / X Wide Top & Bottom Battery Supported
  • Complete Line of Tpu Accessories Race-Fin / Hd Mount / Arm & Motor Guards / Ax II & Sma & Capacitor Mount / Crsf Immortal-T Mount / VTX Stackable Support
  • All Cam Size Supported
  • Allows for 20x20 or 30x30 stacks
  • Beefy 4x9mm V-Bar for extreme impact resistances

If you're interested by the frame & desire more information

  • Actual Main Race-Setup - Vega HSX-R Hybrid Hobbywing g2 stacks 45a/F4 & Revolt Osd Hobbywing Race Pro 2207 2650kv FOXEER Predator V3 Mini 1.8mm Team BlackSheep Unify Pro Hv Lumenier Ax II Ufl. ImmersionRC Ltd. RapidFIRE Module Fat Shark HDO Team BlackSheep CRSF full Tx & nano Rx

Thanks to all those who support me from near and far & a big shout out to Dom Lee for being able to capture the full epicness and beauty of this beast

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