Belgian Championship'19 - 1st Round (Condors)


First round of the Belgian Championship F9U.
It was a great day with a good weather and a so cool atmosphere (thanks to DRF guys)

For my part, I've a lack of training but I took the 4th place !
The track was really short and constrains to fly more focused and precise. But it still to be fun to fly on it

I'm using this post to annouce 2 new sponsors !!
T-Motor and Clover Frame : F60ProIII 1750kV + ESCs F55A on the new "P5" quad...
That's just an awesome combo !!
Thanks to both of them for their trust for this 2019 season !

Thanks to the organisation,
Thanks to my sponsors for their support and trust !

  • T-Motor
  • MCM SkyShop (Power)
  • Clover Frame
  • Moka


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