RAWolution - EPIC Drone FPV Cinematic Compilation 2019



Discover my RAWolution

My 2019 challenge, make cinematic film with only RAW out of camera. Without any artifices, one shot sequence plan, all footage at real speed, no sequence reversed, no post stabilization, no crop or zoom and all in my region at 150km maxi from my house.

For this challenge, I designed a new quadcopter frame with amazing flight characteristics and multi-accessories, the Vega FX-5.
You can discover it here http://bit.ly/2jTm5UU

My setup :

Frame : http://bit.ly/2jTm5UU
Motor : http://bit.ly/2kpzQLu
Props : http://bit.ly/2ZiQQ8F
Batteries : http://bit.ly/2ZrJlw2
FC : http://bit.ly/2meTzxL
ESC : http://bit.ly/2mhUQnP
FPV Cam : http://bit.ly/2lQJ1oD
VTX : http://bit.ly/2kDi47G
Antenna : http://bit.ly/2lSgTkS
HD Cam : Gopro Hero 7 Black

Thanks to my partners :


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