Team Mistral : AK47 FPV Frame


Team Mistral AK47 : one of the best FPV Frames

  • 5 inches FPV Rame (also available in 6 inches, and in DJI HD version)
  • Weight 105/110g
  • Best carbon in the market
  • 6mm unbreakable arms
  • Squished geometry
  • 2mm carbon low bumper protection
  • 16x19 motor holes (Tmotor, Ethix, Brotherhobby, Lethal Conception, RC in Power, etc...)
  • 20x20 and 30x30 FC holes (Betaflight, FlightOne, FalcoX, KISS, Emuflight, etc...)
  • Mini size camera (Foxeer Falkor with 1.8mm lens or Predator V4 etc...)
  • "silky" coating on all carbon parts (because it needs to be sexy)
  • 3D files available for GoPro hybrid mount (Session/Hero5/6/7), TBS Immortal T and SMA backpack mount

FPV Frame designed for freestyle, cinematic, bando, freeride and cruising !!

you can buy it here :

Spare parts :

3D parts for Free :

if you need special 3D parts :

Thanks for watching and see you soon

Cheers, David.


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