World Drone Racing Championship'19



Here is a short video from the WDRC (World Drone Racing Championship) 2019 in Ningbo, China.

Despite some technical issues during the competition, It was so amazing to be able to take part in a such huge and amazing competition !
An amazing track, night flight, seeing back friends from all over the world and meeting new ones, seeing best pilots of the world flying and learning lots of new things about races and chinese culture.
It was a really nice adventure that I'll keep in mind for a long time.

Also, I'm so happy and glad to met a part of the T-Motor crew, one of my sponsors. It was really nice to exchange with them and see how seriously they are taking our feedback about their products to continue to improve these. Thanks T-Motor for your trust since last year. So happy to continue to be in the T-Motor team for this 2020 season !!

Thanks to all the pilots for this cool atmosphere during all the competition and having fun with you ! See you soon guys and maybe next year :wink:

#MCM Power


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